Chapter 115 Veterans Benefits

Chapter 115 Veterans’ Benefits is a Massachusetts program designed to assist veterans and their family members in need of assistance. Benefits may include monthly ordinary benefits and/or payment/reimbursement for medical expenses. Whether laid off, in transition, or living on a fixed income the program is designed to provide short term or long term aid as necessary to provide relief. The Massachusetts town you live in pays this benefit, and the VSO is obligated to take and process an application.

Mass Vet Benefit Calculator

Financial benefits are available to some low-income Massachusetts Veterans and surviving spouses. To determine if you may be eligible for financial assistance through the Chapter 115 benefits program, click on the following link and follow the instructions:

Guidelines for eligibility fall within the following general parameters (calculations change annually and depend upon individual circumstances, so this is an approximation):

Income Eligibility Chart:

These monthly income totals take into account all incomes for a veteran and their household to include wages, Social Security, retirement, annuities, VA comp, etc.

Family SizeMonthly Income
1 $2081.00
2 $2,818.00

Asset Eligibility Chart:

These asset totals take into account all liquid assets for a veteran and their household members.

These include, but are not limited to checking/savings/retirement accounts. This does not include your home or car.

Family SizeTotal Assets